• Anna Howard Shaw Award is presented to a local organization that does the bet job of implementing and documenting a well-rounded program during the current year
  • Jackson BPW’s Harriet A. Myer Achievement Award is based on an outstanding achievement by a woman in her profession or in a service to her community, during the year prior to the convention. The award is given to an active member of BPW/Michigan.
  • Lena Lake Forrest Membership Award (State Level) is based on a comparison of prior year on April 1 and current membership based on the April 1 membership.
  • Person of Achievement Award Each year BPW/Michigan asks each local organization to present the honor of PERSON OF ACHIEVEMENT to a woman/man in their organization/community.

Submit a personal profile of not more than 200 words and a head/shoulder photo. Submissions may be made by email and photos may be sent in a .jpeg format.The theme for the BPW/Michigan Person of Achievement Banquet is:STARS THAT SHINE.Personal profiles for the Woman of Achievement must be submitted 30 days prior to the state board meeting.